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Happy to share our novelties with you

Happy to share our novelties with you

New Colours

We love all our fabrics equally, but this one is preferred by you! As Club is such a bestseller, we extended the existing colour palette adding hues inspired by lemons, oranges, pine trees, turquoise waters. Club is an excellent basic, its irregular Jacquard design gives a subtle texture and natural feel. Combining matte and shiny chenille, Club fuses sophistication and understatement while requiring minimal maintenance. A classic and timeless yet compelling companion for your everyday!

Club Product Info
N° 119
N° 134
N° 10
N° 143


It all starts with a particular yarn called mouliné, which combines multiple strands of threads. Composed of two differently coloured yarns, the two shades embrace each other to create an oscillating depth. Grainy like Dijon mustard. Moulin is a fabric for those who get bored quickly, it doesn’t look the same twice. At the same time, Moulin is part of our Performance+ family, making it an ideal fabric to take care of all your needs while not requesting anything in return. Beauty and functionality, Moulin brings the best of both worlds. 

Moulin Product Info
N° 38
N° 20
N° 10
N° 33


Soft like the sand but not without structure. This bouclé-type fabric proposes the complexity of a natural landscape, with background and surface emerging at different points to create an organic texture that inspires the eye. We imagine Sia in a rustic countryside home as in a sleek office. Modern features adapt seamlessly while remaining warm and relatable. Sia is part of our Performance+ family, ideal for people who like their homes and work spaces to be comfortable and easy.

Sia Product Info
N° 05
N° 43
N° 20
N° 12


The stuff dreams are made of, straight from the sky. This dreamlike fabric is one of our most prided innovations; made of 3D knit, it truly brings the future home. Stretchable and easy to upholster, it gives way to a new generation of furniture, perfectly equipped to embrace rounded shapes and more. The large padded pattern has a smooth touch, creating a soft comfort that cushions the weight of life, work, and friends. But the dreamlike flexibility of Cloud doesn’t end here: it is machine-washable and even works for acoustic panels. Who would ask for more?

Cloud Product Info
N° 45
N° 51
N° 20
N° 21


There’s no way back once you have touched Moby! Its small grids merge into a plain yet rich texture. Made of 3D knit, Moby is a next generation fabric. It is stretchable and resistant while winning you over with a soft and pleasant feeling, embracing your home with total flexibility without being capricious. You can even wash Moby inside your washing machine or use it for acoustic panels. Moby’s many talents will continuously surprise you.

Moby Product Info
N° 32
N° 05
N° 47
N° 20

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    Designed and Crafted in Terrassa

    We design, we weave, we dye, we finish. In short, we create. Our expertise comes from understanding every aspect of fabrics. We are born and bred in Terrassa, a small town close to Barcelona and home to innovative textile production since the late 19th century. It continues to be a place of respect for tradition, people and excellence in cultivating sustainable technologies.

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